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Chemical Bed bug treatment

The message coming from many pest control experts is that if you can find Bed Bugs, you can kill them with a pesticide. Although nontoxic options exist that are more effective than pesticides, such as Thermal Remediation we often times use pesticides because they are less expensive but also may take more time with multiple treatment applications over several weeks to eliminate Bed Bugs.  

We have developed a Chemical Treatment Process that offers the best opportunity to control a Bed Bug infestation that includes:


  • Vacuuming up as Many Bed Bugs and Eggs as Possible
  • Applying Multiple Pesticides that Work with Different Modes of Action Including Dusts
  • Sealing Cracks and Crevices to Limit Harborage Areas
  • Encasing Mattresses and Box Springs with Quality Encasements
  • Deploying Monitors to Track Plan Effectiveness.
  • Educating Residents on How to Better Avoid Reintroduction of Bed Bugs

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Foggers are detrimental to Bed Bug control.

Setting off one of these "bug bombs" will not kill most Bed Bugs, and significantly increases their migration. Often we attribute Bed Bugs moving into adjacent rooms to the use of foggers. In many cases, residents' and managers' use of foggers disrupts the Bed Bugs before we get involved and they like any pesticide can be unsafe if the applicator does not follow the instructions almost always causing higher Bed Bug Extermination Costs.

The key to Effective Bed Bug Control

Use Biotherm's experienced professionals who are always pulling from our years of everyday experiences with Bed Bugs in order to execute a comprehensive and effective Bed Bug control plan.

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