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Bed Bug Heat Treatment

The Green Bed Bug Killer

Heat Kills the Entire Life Cycle of Bed Bugs with a 100% Kill Rate

How it Works!

Our Company uses Thermal Remediation®: a Safe, Effective, Chemical-Free and Green process using dry heat to kill the entire life cycle of bed bugs. Biotherm uses specialized UL®: certified equipment in our process including:
● Electric Bed Bug Heaters Heat Infested Spaces Between 120º - 135º F, the      Temperature Necessary to Heat and Kill Bed Bugs and Their Eggs.  
● Wireless Sensors Monitor Temperature in Real Time to Ensure Lethal      Temperatures are Reached without Damaging the Space and its Contents.  
● High Temperature Fans Move Heated Air Throughout the Space to Reach
All Infestation Zones.

Thermal Remediation®: Heat Treatment Process Is:

Safe - Non-Chemical, Non-Toxic & Non-Corrosive Process

Economical - Heat treat an Entire Structure or Spot Treat High Infestation Zones while Other Sections of the structure Remain Fully Operational.

Effective - Heat Kills the Entire Life Cycle of Bed Bugs with a 100% Kill Rate 

Why Heat is Safe
  ● No Chemicals
  ● No Residue
  ● No Fumes
  ● No Damage to the Building or Contents

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Watch Our Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Progress

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