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Once rarely seen in the U.S., bed bugs have returned with a vengeance and are now wreaking havoc on home and business owners all over the country. Why? Increased travelers from abroad, more stringent federal environmental regulations on the usage of pesticides labeled for Bed Bugs and the Bed Bugs ability to genetically evolve resistances to pesticides in as little as one generation.

Biotherm maintains its position as Florida's  leader in Bed Bug treatment and prevention. We combine effective Preventative Measures such as Canine Bed Bug Detection, Bed Bug Monitors, Bed Bug Proof Mattress Encasements and proven pesticides to help you get rid of Bed Bugs once and for all with the best warranty in the industry.

effective Bed Bug treatment begins with with a Biotherm inspection.

Biotherm offers a Free, No Obligation inspection (which can include certified Canine Bed Bug Inspection at an additional charge) to determine the extent of your potential bed bug infestation. Our certified technician will then develop a customized bed bug treatment plan to help you get rid of bed bugs in your home or commercial space and help you take measures to prevent Bed Bugs from coming back in the future.

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