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a sterelized bed bug heat treatment machine standing upright in a clean sunny bedroom during the morning light

How Bed Bug Heat Treatments Work

June 14, 2019

Bed bugs love Florida’s hot, humid summers, and with family travel at its peak during the summer months, bed bug activity only grows greater as they move from place to place on our clothing and bags.... Read More

an unmade bed covered in white linen sheets that have been infested with bed bugs that are difficult to detect with the human eye

Common Areas For Summer Bed Bug Activity In Florida Homes

May 15, 2019

Lack of sleep negatively affects people across America every day, and bed bugs can play a big part in this. If you are being disturbed at night by a bed bug infestation, or you would like to avoid ever having to deal with bed bugs, stick around. We have some information you’ll want to see.... Read More

a well trained canine sniffing his way to a residences couch in order to detect bed bugs

How Canine Companions Detect Bed Bug Problems

April 17, 2019

Every day select dogs across the world wake up and go to work to aid humans. They use their heightened sense of smell, their keen observations, and unhindered loyalty to help humans in things that humans cannot do on their own, or, at least, not very well. Here at Biotherm, we have our own faithful service dog that helps us do our job better than the competition.... Read More

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