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an orlando florida travel center full of suitcases in danger of bed bug infestations

The Traveler's Guide To Bed Bugs In Orlando

January 16, 2020

Bed bugs are not usually something you think to worry about when you are out of the house. Sure, you keep your eye out for dangerous pests such as spiders, bees, and wasps, but not for bed bugs. However, you should be concerned about these pests because bed bugs at your hotel could quickly turn into bed bugs in your own home. ... Read More

bed bug infestation thoughout a florida home

A Brief History On Florida's Bed Bugs

December 16, 2019

Have you ever wondered where bed bugs came from? History suggests that they have been around since as early as 400 B.C. The ancient philosopher Aristotle talked about them in his writing. To date, there is much we know about bed bugs, but there is still a lot we have yet to learn. ... Read More

a full grown bed bug infesting a home in orlando florida

What It Takes To Win The Battle Against Bed Bugs In Orlando

November 15, 2019

Being bitten while asleep has never been a pleasant experience. Not with vampires, and not with bed bugs either. That being said, there are many homeowners here in Orlando being bitten every night by illusive blood-sucking pests. Hopefully, you are not one of them.  ... Read More

a small bed bug crawling throughout the white cotton sheets of a florida home late at night

What Diseases Do Bed Bugs Carry?      

October 15, 2019

As pests go, bed bugs are one of the most difficult to treat. Turns out that the bed bugs that survived the DDT apocalypse so many years ago have grown to be resistant to many forms of pest control. The only method that has proven to be 100% effective is heat treatments.... Read More

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