Chemical Bed Bug Treatments

Biotherm Stops Bed Bugs From Biting

If you’ve woken up with bed bug bites or have discovered other signs of a bed bug infestation in your home or business, contact us at Biotherm Green Solutions. While we prefer using heat treatments to eliminate bed bugs as it is a non-toxic alternative to conventional bed bug control and only requires one visit as opposed to multiple applications over several weeks, we understand that chemical treatment may be a more affordable option for some property owners, so we proudly offer this service as well. If this option is better suited for you and the bed bug problem you're dealing with, you can count on our team of discreet bed bug control professionals to get rid of your bed bug infestation!

How Our Chemical Treatments Work

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Here at Biotherm Green Solutions, we’ve developed a chemical treatment process that works to effectively put a stop to bed bug infestations.

Prior to the application of product, we will vacuum up as many bed bugs and eggs as possible. And don’t worry, we won’t just dump them in your trash. Instead, we'll dispose of them properly offsite after the treatment is complete.

Product Application
Here at Biotherm, we’ve found that applying multiple products that work with different modes of action ensures the best possible results. In addition, our treatments are focused on areas where bed bugs hide and include mattresses, box springs, upholstered furniture, and other common bed bug hiding spots.

In order to limit potential bed bug harborage sites, we will also seal any cracks and crevices in your home that may function as hiding spots for bed bugs.

Mattress & Box Spring Encasement Installation
In infested bedroom areas, our professionals will install quality encasements on mattresses and box springs to prevent bed bugs from re-infesting in the future.

Once your treatment has been completed, we’ll deploy bed bug monitors to track our treatment's effectiveness and make sure those bed bugs don't return.

Bed Bug Follow-Up Treatments
Depending on your specific situation, our bed bug control team may have to return to re-treat your property several times in order to completely eliminate all the bed bugs in your home or business. To ensure that we're on the same page, after your treatment has been completed, we’ll discuss your situation and explain the follow-up services needed.

Why Choose Biotherm For Your Chemical Treatment

Simply put, we know bed bugs and understand what it takes to rid Central Florida homes and businesses of these parasitic pests. Here at Biotherm Green Solutions, our team of bed bug professionals pull from their years of everyday experience and ongoing training to ensure that our bed bug treatments are the best treatments out there!
Serving Orlando, Ft. Myers, Ocala, and many other cities/towns throughout Florida, our professionals here at Biotherm are ready to help you eliminate bed bugs, no matter how severe the infestation that you're dealing with is. For more information or to schedule your bed bug control treatment with us, contact us today!


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